Abu Obaida Bin Al Jarah Pvt School, Ajman has a centrally air-conditioned building with all laboratory facilities, art and crafts room, and an indoor play area for the juniors. A unique feature of the school is the existence of a class library and class magazine. Lockers are provided for all the students in their respective class rooms. In addition to this, the school has a well-stocked central library which has a reference section.

The faculty at Abu Obaida Bin Al Jarah Pvt School are a team of well qualified, enthusiastic individuals who have been entrusted with the goal of imparting the right kind of knowledge to the students entrusted to us.


Teaching Methodology:

Teaching methods are an essential component of the curriculum, because the educational objectives, and the content chosen by specialists in the curriculum, can be evaluated only by the teacher and the methods used in teaching.

Teaching can therefore be considered as the link between the student and the components of the curriculum. The method in this way includes the educational attitudes that take place within the classroom and organized by the teacher, and the way it follows, so that these attitudes are effective and productive at the same time.

Our teachers use modern teaching methods that are trained in periodic workshops by specialists.

The school applies the curriculum of the Ministry of Education which aims to build a generation capable of modern skills and proud of its national identity and aware of the requirements of life and keep abreast of developments.


Our campus is equipped to educate:

Kindergarten Programme (KG)

Primary School Programme (Grade 1 – Grade 5)

Middle School Programme (Grade 6 – Grade 8)

High School Programme (Grade 9 – Grade 12)


Why Abu Obaida Bin Al Jarah Pvt. School?

Abu Obaida Bin Al Jarah Pvt School was established in 1990. The name of the school was chosen after the name of the great companion Abu Obaida bin Abdullah bin Jarrah Fihri Qurashi and is one of the ten missionaries of Paradise. The school started in a small building in Al Karama area in Ajman with the first, second and first grades. The school successfully passed the academic accreditation in 2013/2014 and the supervision and evaluation of the school in 2017/2018. 29 years of success and giving continues.

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