Dear Student:

Learn how to be a positive digital citizen

You must know how to use technology in a positive way. Technology is not only for games and entertainment, but it is a means of education, communication and facilitating life.

Your behavior across the digital world is a title of your personality and a reflection of your upbringing and morals.

If you are exposed to cyberbullying, you should tell an adult from your family or school and not respond to the bully and keep messages to inform the responsible authorities.

You should be aware of how to access the most reliable resources and content on digital media.


Commit not to infringe copyright or infringe intellectual property and write sources when doing research.

Always be aware of cybercrime that occurs online.

Learn how to validate information on digital media.

Online safety:

Keep your data private and do not share it with anyone.

You must create strong passwords.

Allocate a specific time to use the Internet and sit in a healthy session while using the computer.

Trade the correct information and do not publish any misleading information.

Be sure to select people from whom we take information, read about them, or accept their friendship on social media.

If you encounter any problem, contact the school’s hotline 0565574074.

Your safety is our responsibility

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