Dear Parents:

You should realize the importance of your role in keeping your children safe online.

I care about raising your children to be positive and responsible digital citizens.

Learn how to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet and monitor them when they use the Internet.

Make time for open communication and dialogue with your children and spend time with them online.

Make yourself a role model for your children about positive digital behavior.

When any problem occurs, report it immediately to the responsible authorities.



Encourage your family to spend a day enjoying together away from digital devices.

Educate your children on how to deal with the prominent challenges posed by the digital world.

Enable SafeSearch on your browser to limit the content your children can access.

Download antivirus software on all devices.

Help your kids learn how to keep their data private.

Pay attention to signs of distress in your children, such as withdrawal, fear, or obsession with online activities.

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