Everything you need for a successful admission

Now that you understand our philosophy and have taken a good look at our school, you might be wondering what’s next. For your convenience and ease of admission, here’s everything we require from you before we can start the process.

Please ensure you have the below details ready. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us – we’re happy to answer any of your concerns.


– Last study certificate.

– Certificate of Transfer.

– Certificate of leaving school.

– Copy of the student’s passport.

– A copy of the student’s residency.

– A copy of the student’s ID card.

– A copy of the student’s birth certificate.

– Personal photos of the student (4).

– A copy of the passport of the father or the sponsor.

– Copy of the identity card of the father or the sponsor.

– Registration summary photo.

– The guardian pledged to complete the required papers.

– The student’s health file.

– Copy of the vaccination certificate.

– The student from outside the country must bring a transfer certificate from outside the country and the original certificate, attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

– A high school student from outside the country must bring the last two certificates for the last two years.

– Kindergarten students upon examination there is a paper to fill in the student’s personal data and the family’s social situation.


Important notes:
    1. UAE visas and Emirates ID cards can be submitted later but are needed before your child starts school.
    2. All students joining in Year 2 and above, must provide a Transfer Certificate from their previous school at the beginning of the academic year.
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